Let me start by telling you, that a traveling lifestyle while owning a dog… Is possible!

However, traveling is not for all dogs, and some might feel happier when left at their comfy home. Now, this blog post will give you top-notch tips for traveling with your dog, and what things to consider before you even start planning or booking your next or first big trip with your best friend!


Before traveling with your best friend!


  1. Breed matters and size too.
    Be aware that some breeds are restricted by some airlines, hotels and even countries.
    These restrictions might not only apply to big dogs, but also to small ones and in some cases these even apply to the amount of dogs you’re travelling with. This means, that it is highly important you investigate and carefully select in advance the country you’re travelling to, the airline you’re booking your ticket with and the hotel you would be staying in.
  2. Be a good boy.
    Some say that it is difficult to teach old dogs new tricks. That’s why we recommend you start traveling when your dog is a puppy so this becomes a normal lifestyle to him, and hopefully learn to love it as much as you do.
  3. Practice makes perfect.
    It doesn’t matter if your dog is not a puppy anymore, take him for his or her first trip ever so you can start to train him or she. For example: try a local day road trip or a trip to a friend’s house, this training will be very helpful if you want your dog to become a traveler just like you.
  4. Don’t forget crate training.
    It is very, very important that your dog loves his or her crate, whether you use it at home, car rides or flights. This should be your dog’s safe nest and where he also feels comfortable and happy.
  5. Early planning will save the day.
    Destination totally matters, since some countries can have very difficult animal importing rules or even age restrictions. When travelling out of the country, don’t just check the animal import laws of the country you’re going to- but also back at your own. And if you have any layovers, planning on driving through some regions – don’t forget those either.
  6. Up to date health check.
    It is always a good idea to check with your dog’s vet before travelling. You should consider that vaccinations must be up to date and that there are certain vaccination requirements when you import your dog to certain countries, and this might also have very specific time restrictions.
  7. Safety first.
    Collar, Name tag and Leash. These are all basics that you most likely have squared away from the beginning. Consider also to microchip your dog in case he or she gets lost and keep it up to date with your current location and cell phone number so you can be easily reached.

Found a place where to stay?


  1. Check out ‘Bring Fido’.
    This website and app help you find endless resources of dog-friendly activities, restaurants and hotels in pretty popular destinations. As this is a third-party booking service, you might not be able to collect points directly with the hotel or condo hotel. I recommend you book directly with the hotel, this way you can learn more about their services and only obtain wonderful benefits the app is not able to offer.
  2. Check out dog-friendly places.
    It is easier to stick with a certain place you already know that will always allow dogs. Keep in mind that some of this might require a one-time fee and also have certain restrictions applying to the amount of pets or size of them.
  3. Luxury condo hotels actually like dogs too.
    You don’t have to be a traveler on a budget to travel with your dog. There are several comfortable luxury hotels such as our Condo Hotel Luxury Collection (El Taj Oceanfront & Beachside, Porto Playa, Magia Beachside, Maya Villa and Villas Sacbé) where you and your best friend will enjoy a getaway like no other in the Riviera Maya.
  4. Ask for hotel stay limitations.
    Note that some places won’t be allowing you to leave your dog alone in the room, and the hotel might provide you with pet sitter or find a dog kennel for the day if needed. If you plan on doing some activities without your dog, take this in consideration when booking your travel and stay.

Know what to bring?


  1. Don’t forget the bed and/or the crate.
    The crate as you know, is needed for flying and it is also the safest way to travel with your dog inside a car. Maybe it is not always possible for you to bring the crate for later, but I recommend you do bring your dog’s bed to travel around.
  2. Keep him/her nourished and hydrated.
    It is a good idea to have designated bowls for food and water when traveling, this way you can easily feed your pup on the go. Carry a reusable bottle water to refill it continuously and some training snacks for future situations where you will want to praise or reward your dog’s good behavior.
  3. Pet care.
    If your dog needs an specific medication, remember to bring it! You can find natural pet care products that will be great for your dog’s wellness when traveling or at home.
  4. Let’s talk about poop.
    Remember to pick up after your dog, as this may be a law in the many cities or neighborhoods that you would want to visit. Accidents can happen when your pet is nervous, so don’t forget to carry plenty of poop bags.
  5. Be clean.
    Talking about accidents… Be sure to carry with you basic cleaning supplies to deal with situations such as car sickness. Travel size cleaning detergent is an easy way to clean and eliminate the stink as well.
  6. Thinking of air refresher?
    Some of these are full of chemicals that could harm you and your dog. Usually room service uses these, but you can easily ask them not to while you are staying there. Carry your own natural refreshers, essential oils are a MUST.
  7. Fun, fun, FUN.
    Bring your dog’s toys for entertainment, you might needed in social situations like when you go to a café or in case you leave him or her alone in the hotel room.
  8. Having enough exercise?
    Make sure your pup is getting enough exercise before and during the trip, if possible.
    When your dog gets enough exercise before a flight, he or she will be more likely to keep calm for the rest of the trip. If you are going on a road trip, make sure to schedule enough stops to exercise.
  9. Easy on the food, champ.
    Be careful when feeding your dog, you don’t want him or her to have motion sickness while traveling due to overeating. Also, it is best that you stick to the food and treats your dog is already used to.


21. Ice, baby.
An odd but very useful tip, is to always freeze a big chunk of ice so your dog has a good water supply for most of the flight. You could also freeze some dog biscuits or healthy treats inside a chunk of ice so he or she can chew or lick on them during breaks while on a road trip or just because when you’re having dinner or coffee in town.

22. Last but not least…
Remember to always consult with your dog’s veterinarian and in any case he or she is not suitable for traveling, ask a friend or family to take care of your dog or hire a professional house/pet sitter to take care of your home and loving pet while traveling.