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Getting to paradise is not an easy thing; it takes a plane (If you’re not living in the Riviera Maya – Yucatán Area), a car and finally, a boat. Though this is true, every minute of the trip is worth it once you arrive and get your feet onto sandy beaches.

Located on the Mexican Caribbean Coast, Holbox is the best secret Yucatán has kept safe from the masses. What makes this small place such a compelling Mexican travel destination?
Let us share with you some of the reasons that make this remote location one of the best and most relaxing getaways you’ll ever encounter.

Its Charming Downtown.
Not to mention the great deals at restaurants, shops, bars and other businesses, the special vibe that flows through Holbox’s streets is simply incredible. You can wonder around and be delighted by the street art that some international artists have left forever in this cozy island, but also marvel yourself with the tranquility that comes from every local pup taking its afternoon nap to cool down.

Of course, the Food!
Holbox food is simple yet exquisite, especially if you’re really into seafood. There are a small variety of restaurants that will surely blow your mind after having a bite of their local and fresh flavors. Wherever the sun is shining and you can feel the salty breeze, that’s a good spot for a casual lunch.

The Places To Stay.
The island offers many different options of places to spend the night; luckily, there’s a nice variety of hotels right on its beautiful beaches, giving you unique views of palm trees and the crystal clear Caribbean sea. Start looking for the best Mexican travel destination that suits your budget and schedule! Maybe you want to stay somewhere located near downtown, or perhaps something a little bit more luxurious farther down the beach.

The Ferry.
For arrivals and departures, you have to take a boat to travel between Holbox and Chiquila. For a very reasonable price, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a calm boat ride that will delight your senses and leave you craving for more sea views.

Its Vibes.
Whether you’re walking through the streets, laying under the shade of the palm trees or taking a swim at the sea, you will have well-deserved time to relax.
Buy your tickets, book your nights, pack your bags and come and stay! See you soon!