Ivette is our new social media assistant and she would like to share a story about her trip to the magical Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, surrounded by jungle and wilderness, where lagoon meets the Caribbean Sea in all its natural glory.

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Sian Ka’an  Biosphere Reserve

I was at my office and I read a couple of interesting things about Sian Ka’an, so I talked to the Condo Hotels’ concierge and arranged a wildlife tour for me and my friends.

The tour operator picked us up here at the beautiful El Taj hotel in a gray Jeep Wrangler, and our adventure began.

The Biosphere Reserve, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, is at two hours from Playa del Carmen. It’s a long way, so I recommend you take your IPod with your favorite playlist and sing along all the way!

You shouldn’t also forget to bring some purified water to drink and to keep your Jeep’s tank full, because you won’t find any gas stations or convenience stores along the way.

But getting there is an adventure in itself. You can admire how different colors of the sea change from blue to turquoise, and see all the rich variety of tropical plants along the path. The other reason why you won’t get bored is that the road is not paved (remember that is a nature reserve) so you will find a lot of bumps, just be ready for the adventure… and try no to eat too much before your tour!

The road to Sian Ka'an

Sian Ka’an means Beginning of the Sky, and it’s a natural reserve with amazing mangroves and the Coral Reef, the second largest in the world. You can also find great beaches with white sand and more than 300 species of birds!

This tour included a boat ride and snorkeling, so once we got to Punta Allen, we went straight to the boats, and they gave us our snorkeling equipment and took us by boat to the sea.

Boat to the snorkeling spot

Just before we got under the water to snorkel, I saw a beautiful view right in front of my eyes – it was a family of dolphins swimming around the boat! We continued our way to snorkeling, and, believe or not, we saw a manatee, also right in front of our eyes! It was amazing to see these mammals so close and in their natural habitat.

The snorkeling was amazing, too. After all, it’s the second largest coral reef in the world, in its most pristine part. We saw a lot of marine animals – starfishes, barracudas, squid, ocean surgeonfish and other colorful species.

Heaven on earth!!!

After that our tour guide took us to the seashore, and there were no words to describe how beautiful it’s natural beauty…  We were surrounded by nothing else but white sand, palms and turqoise water…  If you are looking for inspiration, you’re definitely going to find it here, it’s like heaven on earth.


When we were back on the land, we were starving, so we entered a small local restaurant, and ordered some fresh fish and lobster. We enjoyed an interesting little talk, magnificent sunset, delicious lobster and white wine. That was our day in paradise.