We are very pleased to announce we have a published author in the Condo Hotels community! Bonnie Ballantyne, author of the illustrated book, ‘Crocodile Goes Out’, is a condo owner at Porto Playa, and her book is set to create positive change throughout Playa del Carmen and beyond.

Crocodile Goes Out

I first met Bonnie at a writer’s circle in Playa del Carmen, and was immediately drawn to her story. As detailed in the book, Bonnie developed a keen interest in the Maya culture since buying her condo in Porto Playa, and became drawn to the writings of Carl Calleman on ‘The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.’

She became fascinated with Calleman’s theories regarding a stele found at the ruins of Coba, which suggested that the nine cycles of human consciousness would come to an end on October 28, 2011. She decided to chronicle the last 20 days on Facebook, and in order to remember the order of the Day Lords of the Mayan calendar, she created a story beginning with the words, “Crocodile goes out…”

Maya Calendar

Bonnie planned to commemorate the day at Coba, but after a hurricane warning, she decided the beach at Playa del Carmen would be a better place. On October 28, 2011, she received the terrible news that her son, Adam, had passed away suddenly. The day marked the end of life as she knew it and the start of a new chapter in which she would never be the same.

At Adam’s memorial, she met a friend of her son to whom she told the story of Crocodile Goes Out. The friend was an artist and together, they decided to make a book to honor Adam’s memory; spreading a message of healing and hope.

Crocodile Goes Out is the only book on Amazon written in English, Spanish and Mayan glyphs. The story itself is simple yet poetic and is accompanied by beautiful original water colors by Elizabeth McClellan. It is entertaining, poignant and educational, and contains a glossary of common Mayan glyphs in the back of the book.

Bonnie believes the book will be a useful resource for local children in Playa del Carmen and beyond to other parts of Mexico. It will also benefit English speaking students learning Spanish, or anyone with an interest in the ancient culture of the Maya. I have to agree. The book is something really special, from the back story, to the turn of events in which it came to be written, to the beautiful artwork.Maya Artwork

Mostly though, it is the incorporation of the Mayan calendar into the story, along with the inclusion of authentic Mayan glyphs that makes the book so very unique. Bonnie hopes to get the book into local schools and libraries throughout Playa del Carmen, so students can learn about Maya culture through story telling and art.

Condo Hotels is very pleased to be selling copies of the book for $10, the proceeds of which will go towards providing more books to the local charity organization, KKIS (Keeping Kids In School), who provide school supplies to needy children and work closely with schools in the area. We have copies available in the reception of Porto Playa.

We are very proud to support one of our condo owners and hope you will help us give back to the local community by buying a copy of Crocodile Goes Out to take home with you!

For more information you can visit Bonnie’s website, or check out the book on Amazon.