It all started back in 2014 at Holbox when the first murals started to pop out.

National and international contemporary artists became part of this groundbreaking project, flooding the streets with a message. Street art, society and nature merged into one as large-scale murals and installations across the island, committed to giving a voice to all the beauty that distinguishes our Mexican Caribbean.

Driven by all of this and with the support or different public and private entities, the first FIAP (International Public Art Festival) was founded by World Art Destinations (WAD).

Artists such as Curiotl, Jade, Liz Rashell and Jason Botkin came to stay and shared their vision for locals and visitors.

IPAF20142 IPAF12104 IPAF20143


On the same year, but at the gorgeous Isla Mujeres, another project started to bloom.

Founded by Pangea Seed in association with 1XRUN and Residencia Gorila, Sea Walls came to infect all of us with a really specific message.

The protection and conservation of oceans and aquatic species in the area, which immediately drove another fleet of artists and supporters, making everybody part of this movement.

Aaron Glasson, Celeste Byers, Tre’ Packard and others artists occupied different walls in order to communicate their dreams and vision on this matter, another outstanding way to catch everyone’s attention while addressing an issue that concerns us all, who inhabit this planet.

Earth, our one and only home.


Seawallsislamujeres3 SeawallsIslaMujeres1 SeawallsIslaMujeres2


2015 came and with it another edition of the IPAF, now with a greater mission.

Color and art as the tools to give a social identity to a city that since day one has received with arms open people from all over the world, but where now it was time to bring back to life the cultural and historical moments that built Cancún long ago.

Once again, WAD, never seizing to surprise us, invited an amazing batch of artists.

People like Yoh Nagao and Glasson that we’ve seen in past editions of ARTivism and new faces such as Ledania and Alegria del Prado created different murals on the main avenues of the city, all with a common theme but a unique expression.

Giving an impressive but delicate makeover to the frivolous concrete jungle that the city was turning into.


IPAFCancun2 IPAFCancun111027470_935911286472431_6409088436012728725_o


As the year kept going, Pangea Seeds joined efforts with WAD and had prepared another edition of Sea Walls. Hand in hand with sponsors and supporters such as Vitamin Water, Tony Delfino, 1XRun and the local government of Cozumel the streets and abandoned buildings of the island were targeted for another important mission.

Artists such as Bicicletas Sem Freio, Tatunga, Smithe, Seher, Fintan and more, were presented with a challenge.

To tell the world all about our most important ecosystem, to think twice when consuming or purchasing something that has hurt our beloved Mother Nature and they accomplished it beautifully.

Now, majestic mandalas about excessive fishing (Cryptik), old school graffiti portraying a classic school of local fish swimming through an avenue (Tristan Eaton ft. London Police) and even secret locations with strong yet delicate messages (Faith47) are seen all across the place, making every visit to the island kind of a special Easter egg hunt.


SeaWallsCozumel3 SeawallsCozumel2 SeawallsCozumel1


And right before ending 2015, the movement came to stay at Playa del Carmen.

Art Dreamer’s Fest, founded by the Insomniak and Chavozbien Studios, while supported by a great amount of private businesses and brands became an outstanding attraction for all.

What makes this edition unique in its own way is how they made locals part of it.

Through workshops, conferences and movie nights, everybody was invited to participate while learning about art and all the bits and bobs that surround it.

Minoz, Hilda Palafox, Zed1, ECB and Eddie Colla are just some of the guests that left their mark on our city, something we look forward to see on every corner and nook of so we don’t forget what beauty looks like on this small city soon to be metropolis.


Dreamers20153 Dreamers20152 Dreamers20151
With everybody’s style and vision combined on each edition, the Mexican Caribbean has now acquired a plus, a different kind of strength that has started to call in Cultural and Artistic tourism, making the world focus not only on the color but the message behind every single graffiti, mural and installation we’ve seen and that hopefully we keep on having year after year.