Underwater Adventures!


I’m underwater!

A highly recommended experience if you’ve not done it yet! We had a great snorkeling trip, and it was easy to get to from hotels Playa del Carmen. We went to Puerto Morelos — a magic place, close to my house, full of sealife that you have to see with your own eyes!

Our snorkeling day starts at 8 am. I arrived with my beautiful girlfriend Lorena and my friend Lourdes at that charming town on Saturday morning. It was a really good choice! We expected to spend all day enjoying the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea.

I had heard many comments about many places to snorkel, but a few days before our trip I had not chosen yet. I was talking with friends, and my friend Fred recommended that I visit Puerto Morelos, which he says is the last authentic Mexican fishing town on the Caribbean coast, and also very near our Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen! Now, we had a destination … where is my camera?

Puerto Morelos is only 25 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, between Playa and Cancun, framed by turquoise waters, tropical breezes, warm white sand, jungle and Mayan culture. It offers unique snorkeling opportunities in the second biggest reef system in the world. The colours of the reef and fish were so vivid! Every few minutes, Lorena would say, “Ken, did you see that beautiful fish? Did you see that turtle?” Then I decided to use my underwater camera to capture those amazing sights. Hey little fish, say hello to my camera!

Barracudas, sharks, eels, turtles, rays, and many types of colorful fish live in that place! Puerto Morelos travel is simple, you can take a taxi or rent a car and drive twenty minutes from Playa del Carmen. For even cheaper transportation, hop on a bus!

We loved our visit to the reef! Thanks to Lorena and Lourdes we had another perfect day in paradise. Trust me, you must have a chance to enjoy this experience! Take a short trip from your hotel. Playa del Carmen is close to authentic places like this and many more.

Have you been in Puerto Morelos? Did you do snorkeling? Share your experiences with us!

Romance at Al Cielo

Heaven on the earth!

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside! What do you think — is it perfect for a beach day? Exactly! With just a short trip from the hotels, Playa del Carmen offers so many options. What will be our next stop?

When you combine this paradise with spending time with my friends, it’s a dream come true. This time I will go with my inseparable traveling companion, my girlfriend Lorena. Jack, at the top of the table, is my friend and partner in Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen with his wife, Caroline.

We had a delicious meal in a rustic nice restaurant next to the beach, we enjoyed a good white wine, perfect and refreshing for the hot weather!

Can you imagine that? Soft white sand under your feet, refreshing breeze on your face, amazing and pristine blue Caribbean sea around you and the best company! Nothing better!
Lovely atmosphere in a really great place!

It was gorgeous, that place that invited us to relax and rest on the white sandy beach, palm trees providing the shade, the caress of the sea which makes it a very enjoyable stay! The sea looks like a big pool! I saw 4 different shades of blue! I thought to myself,                 “This is perfect for romance!“

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and decided walk along the beach with Lorena, and we talked about the beauty of the nature! She loves the beauty of where we live.

That day was definitely one of the most relaxing days I’ve spent since I came to the Mexican Caribbean, just enjoying the views, chatting with my friends and my girlfriend. This is a good life! I’m happy living in Mexico! This adventure with Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen couldn’t be going better.

See you at my next entry… Enjoy your life’s adventures!

Delicious Italian food at Da Gigi

My meal at Da Gigi!

Located in the heart of town, conveniently located near plenty of entertainment and hotels, Playa del Carmen Italian restaurant Da Gigi sits at 5th Av. between 32 st. y 34 st. Da Gigi offers an unforgettable night of genuine Italian cuisine, with every dish you can dream of!

Do you want a chance to peruse every Italian dish? When tourists ask me about where to go eat, I often recommend this charming spot, which has a great atmosphere and is a perfect place to take a date. This lovely restaurant with an adjoining terrace invites you to stay and enjoy the warm breeze of the Caribbean.

If you like delicious italian food with local produce and imported delicacies from Italy, this place will hit the spot. You must to visit this little Italian site in the centre of the Riviera Maya. It’s a quick trip from many of the local hotels Playa del Carmen has to offer.

I had visited this place several times but this time I decided to talk with Nadia about the history of her restaurant, you know, I asked why she had chosen Playa del Carmen, and why she has chosen the name, and what made her want to open an Italian eatery. After she introduced me to many delicious flavors, she has become a good friend. Each dish is a treat for the palate with amazing flavors and varieties of taste!

Did you know that Da Gigi is one of the top recommendations of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen? Believe me, I can say that is a first class service with delicious food and the staff is very friendly, where you can get to know the chef as he comes to your table and makes recommendations.

Da Gigi has created authentic Italian cuisine with refinement, creating homemade dishes and desserts.

Pizzas baked in wood oven brought from Naples with 24 different flavors .. it’s only the beginning of what you can experience there.

See the video, go to Da Gigi and then come back and tell me what you thought. I have a feeling you’ll be sharing my sentiments all too soon. See you then! I wait for your comments!

My day at Xcaret!

Fun day at Xcaret!


Next stop is Xcaret, a beautiful place in the Riviera Maya! Xcaret is a popular archaeological park, located only 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen. I can’t believe I haven’t visited this place in my time working at Condo Hotels Playa deal Carmen. It’s unforgivable!

My visit was an incredible experience. I know you hear that a lot but believe me, it’s true. It’s a fantastic place to spend a day, and I mean a full day. The place is so big that even one day might not be enough. The whole park is amazing. If you’ve been there I know you’ll agree.

We started our visit, (we being the ever-popular Lorena, Fred, a good friend and his girlfriend) with the beautiful church, “Capilla de San Francisco de Asís.” The place is perfect for a beautiful wedding.

Amazing flora and fauna could be found all around us, accompanied by many interesting archeological ruins. We saw butterflies, jaguars, monkeys, salamanders, snakes, iguanas, and parrots just resting and enjoying the sunny day. There are so many things to be captured that you’d better bring your camera to preserve these memories forever.

If you like up close and personal interations with aquatic creatures then this is the place for you. The Coral Reef Aquarium is incredible! Here you’ll find stingrays, lovely turtles, anemones, sponges, star fish and crustaceans, manatee, and all other kinds of sea life.

Next we went to the bat cave. Actually, only Fred and me went. The girls preferred to enjoy the sun outside. They rejoined us later at the river. It was so peaceful hearing nothing but the sounds of the nature.

We also visited Mayan Town, which had traditional mexican cemetery. It was built into a cone shape and had seven levels, representing the days of the week. There were even 365 graves there, one for each day of the year. It was incredibly fascinating.

At the end of the day (and after mucho tequila), we enjoyed an amazing mexican show  in Hacienda Henequera. I still don’t know how some of the performers pulled off some of those stunts!

There’s really only one word to describe that night: WOW!

Here are a few tips if you decide to visit yourself. First of all you, need a full day (maybe two) to enjoy this amazing place. Be sure to bring along a camera, preferably waterproof, and biodegradable sunscreen.

So after my first time in this beautiful place, I can say without any doubt that I’ll be back soon. This is an excellent park that is dedicated to maintaining the delicate eco-system of the area and promoting preservation. Families with children, couples, seniors – anyone, really – would enjoy this place and could pick and choose what to see, what to do, and at what pace.

You can view the rest of our gallery of images here.

If you’ve been there while staying at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, feel free to tell us your favorite parts!

Create Custom Lunches at Limoneros

Limoneros is the coffee shop and deli next to the Hotels Playa del Carmen’s GYM at any of the four Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen properties. Here you can order a wide spread of healthy food, like salads and sandwiches, and even customize each dish to include your favorite ingredients!

Ken: Hi! This is Ken Schmidt. General manager of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen and today I’m here with the owner Juan Carlos of “Limoneros”

Juan Carlos: Hola (hello)

Ken: Limoneros is located right next to gym, one of the free amenities when staying in our properties, El Taj, Porto Playa, Maya Villa or Villas Sacbe and right in are Porto Playa location. Ok, I’m here with Amy translator for Juan Carlos, so, Amy tell me about Limoneros!

Amy: Ok, Limoneros is a coffee shop, our concept is healthy food, we have salads, we have sandwiches, we have sodas and coffee, so in here you are gonna have a great experience, because you can combine and a nice sandwich with a salad plus you you are going to get a coffee, because we also do this kind of package.

Ken: Ok Amy, can we ask Juan Carlos, What the favorite dish here that I want to have at Limoneros.

Amy: Ok, sure. Juan Carlos. Cual es tu platillo favorito?

Juan Carlos: Mi platillo favorito son los sandwiches, lo fabuloso de nosotros es que lo podemos fabricar como queramos! Ahora les voy a preparar un sandwich de pan integral con roast beef y queso americano.

Amy: The main point here and the good point here is that everybody can have their own favorite dish because you can choose all ingredients, but, he’s favorite sandwich is roast beef and american cheese.

Ken: Ok great, let’s watching make this!

Juan Carlos: Listo! (Ready!)

Ken: Here is lunch! Fantastic! Look delicious!

Sailing for Sea Lovers!

Hotels Playa del CarmenSailing…

Warm greetings from the land of beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas and gorgeous hotels. Playa del Carmen is an ideal location for all those who love the sea like me!

Every time I go to sail and encounter the beauty of this exquisite place, it is always a wonderful adventure! If you are a nature lover like me, you understand exactly what I mean. This post tells the story one of my many adventures with my neighbor, the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

Aboard the boat on a sunny day with the winds at my back, I crossed over the crystal clear waters with the company of a very friendly sailing team and of course, my inseparable traveling companion, Lorena. She always supports my crazy adventures and gives me good advice in case that I get too wild in our explorations. I can hear her now: “Ken, don’t do that! It’s dangerous!” But in the end, she is always with me! Thanks, Lorena!

Hotels Playa del CarmenSnorkel, swim, sail, sit back and soak up the sun, or relax all the time while enjoying the food and beverage offered on board – it’s your choice! If you want the Mexican Caribbean all to yourself, there’s no better place to do it.

If you want to visit the best locations and stay at the best hotels, Playa Del Carmen has just what you’re looking for. It’s a place with pleasant temperatures, where outdoor sports are wonderful all year round.  It is composed of 120 miles of coastline bathed by crystal clear Caribbean water.  This makes it a great place to live, a totally different experience, where you can explore and have fun in an atmosphere surrounded by natural exotic elements that will take your breath away.

Hotels Playa del CarmenAnd for the perfect end of this great getaway, don’t miss the gorgeous sunset that only a locale like Playa Del Carmen can provide. Believe me, your experience will beunforgettable! To miss this world class destination is to lose a great opportunity. You won’t be disappointed by our beaches, our sailing or our hotels. Playa Del Carmen will be the spot you plan to visit year after year to get out on the water and relax.st what you’re looking for.

It’s a place with pleasant temperatures, where outdoor sports are wonderful all year round. It is composed of 120 miles of coastline bathed by crystal clear Caribbean water. This makes it a great place to live, a totally different experience, where you can explore and have fun in an atmosphere surrounded by natural exotic elements that will take your breath away.

Superbowl at the Indigo Beach Club

The day was gorgeous. I headed down to Indigo Beach club around noon to start promoting the Condo Hotels Super Bowl party / Football Pool and to do some socializing with the hotel guests.

Indigo posted the Super Bowl specials on the board and we are raring to go.

After my first round with the football pool I sat down and had a pizza and a beer with Lorena.  It was truly a great day. Sun was shining. Nice breeze.

As the sun went down Indigo prepared special tables inside and three televisions were setup to watch the big game.

The game started and based on some of the reactions to the teams it was evident we had more Giants fans than Patriots.

The game was fantastic and I had the great pleasure of handing Tod Hughes (the condo owner of El Taj 331) his winnings for both the first and second quarter, and Pete, who is a guest in Porto Playa condo 202, for the game ending score.

Hotels Playa del Carmen – Da Gigi’s Amazing Italian Food

Guests of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen can enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine of local restaurants like Da Gigi, a unique Italian restaurant that incorporates local ingredients into featured dishes, during their stay. Get a taste of Playa del Carmen and stay at any Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen locations for easy access to lively locations and wonderful food!

Welcome to the Condo Hotels Playa Del Carmen Blog

Hello! I’m Ken, and I work at an incredible place called Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, but we’ll get to that later. I’m a native Floridian living in paradise! I live in Playa del Carmen, an earthly utopia that offers thousands of incredible and unique experiences.

The reason I created this blog is so I could share the beauty of our Mexican Caribbean with you. We often hear about all the wonderful things of our region, such as its white sand beaches and the turquoise sea, as well as the incredible variety of aquatic life. This defines a perfect vacation for many people, but the problem with visiting paradise is that there are TOO many places in the region to experience and too many things to do. Most visitors won’t have time to do it all in one short vacation. Will we have to skip something that’s not-to-be-missed? Will we hear about something we definitely should have done only AFTER our vacation?

I will be your virtual tour guide, here to make sure your already wonderful vacation will become something you’ll never forget.

Each week I’ll show you the many possibilities that the Riviera Maya offers through blogs, photos and videos, hoping that all this information will help you feel right at home when you come visit us in paradise.

I’ll leave you now to enjoy your frozen margarita on the white sand beaches mere feet from your hotels; Playa del Carmen is wonderful, is’t it?

We’ll meet again soon!