Indigo Beach Club


Playa del Carmen is all about fun in the sun. Its beaches are some of the most beautiful you will ever see, and the vibe of an international beach town has made it famous worldwide in the past years. It’s hard to believe that only fifteen years ago Playa was only a small fishing village with unpaved streets.

Today, it still preserves the charm of a small fishing village, but at the same time this Mexican Caribbean beach town has developed into a glamorous international beach spot with multi-national restaurants and bars lining its famous pedestrian 5th Avenue and during the day, most of the fun concentrates in its Beach Clubs.  There are many, but a few stand out.

Indigo Beach Club at El Taj

Indigo Beach Club is located at the luxurious and lavish El Taj hotel in Playa del Carmen, and it follows the hotel’s Bali theme with comfortable authentic Balinese  beach beds and umbrellas, and super attentive staff.

Indigo restaurant serves fresh ceviches, brick oven pizzas, and prides itself in an Asian-Mediterranean fusion menu.

On Sundays, there is always a live band performing and a buffet served. Check out their famous breakfasts, too, served right on the beach.

Mamitas Beach Club is a Playa staple and has been around for years. While some say that its glory has been lost and transfered to Indigo, Mamitas still has a draw among tourists with its loud lounge music and party-on-the-beach vibe.

Canibal Royal is located a bit further from the downtown area, but it’s worth the hike (or a cab ride). The food is a gourmet Asian-Mexican cuisine, and it features a fun, laid back vibe, preferred by many locals.

Playa del Carmen’s beach clubs are where the fun happens, St. Tropez style. So be ready to be immersed in a carefree, relaxed atmosphere, and order a margarita. And another one.

Playa Beach Club