Our excellent zipline experience!!

Hi everybody! This time, I will talk about the one of the greatest places in the Yucatan Peninsula! I went with my girlfriend Lorena, and when we started out, she was very intimidated about the experience. At the end though, she was happy we went on such a unique adventure!

We headed out from the Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen. Our adventure began with the SkyCycle, which is essentially a “chair-bike” suspended from an aerial wire that takes you zipping through the jungle. For anyone who has done zip lines, this is a much more enjoyable experience because you have more control then when using other similar types of transport. It’s unique and fun.

After the SkyCycle, we took the jungle canopy zip line. Waiting for us were many options to spend a really fun day, and we got to fly through the jungle! If you’re afraid of heights, I would not recommend as it would likely scare you, but I was feeling brave!

To continue the fun we go to rappel into the cenote, using a harness and all safety precautions necessary, This is not my favorite experience as it can be frightening, but definitely worth doing.

After the rappel waits for us Cenote Splash Down and the zip line through the enchanting cenote, you start the race at the ground level through an underground cave and then come splashing out on land into a cool clear cenote! Incredible! It was terrific and refreshing, and a great way to spend an exciting day away from Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen.

The next adventure is called Avatar, and it is an intense experience! This ride is a high speed, high adrenaline adventure, turning left and right at high speeds and ending with a great big splash into the cold water … like a roller coaster zip line! This is the newest ride that was invented at Hidden Worlds.

The perfect end for this adventure is the exciting experience in the incredible cenote snorkel. The Cenote tour will give you the opportunity to be up close and personal with what nature has been creating underground for thousands of years. This part of the tour is amazing.

The staff was absolutely wonderful and professional, and they made us feel so welcome. Thank you everyone! At the end of the day, we were back safe and sound at our beautiful Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen.

See you next time!