Imprevist restaurant is located on leafy 1st Avenue in the Maya Villa Condo Hotel, known on the Playa del Camen dining scene for its innovative modern cuisine and sophisticated atmosphere. Its understated facade, complete with cafe-style tables for al fresco dining, contains a stylish interior reminiscent of a New York bistro.

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Imprevist Playa del Carmen

We arrived around 9 am for breakfast, and were greeted by a friendly, sharply dressed waiter, who delivered our menus and explained the options to us.

‘I won’t be needing lunch!’ I thought to myself as I looked down at the long list of menu options. The wide selection of fruit, granola, pastries and warm dishes were sure to give me more than enough fuel for the day.

While we perused the menus and made the tough decisions – hotcakes or eggs and bacon? Orange or pineapple juice?- our waiter poured piping hot coffee into our cups (coincidentally my favorite brand of Italian roast).

Imprevist Playa del Carmen

‘I think I’m going to like it here,’ I thought to myself as I sipped the smooth, strong, brew, energizing myself for the meal ahead.

Our waiter then delivered a pastry basket filled with miniature croissants, cinnamon scrolls and other treats, with two jars of specialty jam nestled in the middle.

Imprevist Playa del Carmen

‘Uh oh,’ I thought to myself, mentally un-scheduling all other eating plans for the day as I selected a cinnamon scroll to have with my coffee. We made our choices for the main course, which was no mean feat, considering the list of options.

I was extremely tempted to go with a favorite Mexican breakfast dish, chilaquiles, but instead settled on classic poached eggs and bacon.

There was nothing simple looking about the dish when it arrived, however. Presented beautifully on a large square plate sat two perfectly poached eggs, delightfully crispy bacon, a small sausage (added on our request), special fried potatoes with green peppers, and toasted bread.

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This was no greasy breakfast, but a gourmet creation, using simple ingredients to create a delicious morning feast. After partaking in fresh fruit, yogurt and granola, I thought I might struggle to finish the meal, but I needn’t have worried – it was too delicious not to!

Washed down with fresh orange juice, more coffee, and just one more cinnamon scroll, I just couldn’t help but eating every delectable treat that was put in front of me!

I thought that if the breakfast was so good at Imprevist, their lunch and dinner menus must be something to behold. I made a mental note to return to find out, as I popped the third mini cinnamon scroll into my mouth.

Oops! ‘Oh well,’ I reasoned, thinking that three mini pastries really only equaled one regular sized one… didn’t it?

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That sounded pretty reasonable to me! Plus, I figured an extra work out at The Gym was well worth my slight over-indulgence…

Any meal at Imprevist would be.

*Breakfast at Imprevist restaurant or Indigo beach club is complimentary for condo hotel guests who book in advance during promotional periods. Check the promotions page of the website for more details. During other periods, discounts are offered to all guests.