What is it about Playa del Carmen that makes it so special? Is it the turquoise Caribbean Sea? World-class restaurants? Night-life? Cosmopolitan atmosphere? I’ve been pondering this question lately, wondering what it is exactly that has me head-over-heels in love with this sea-side town.

And I think I found the answer.

It’s the color!

Everywhere you look in Playa del Carmen, from the sparkling blue sea to the fuchia bouganvillia tumbling off balconies, color is all around.


I think it’s the color of Playa that makes it so special, creating a vibrant atmosphere to lift the spirits of everyone who visits its shores.

beautiful flowers in playa del carmen

After the rainy season, tropical flowers are everywhere, blooming in every shade of pink…

playa del carmen sunset

A pink which is reflected in the sky every evening at dusk, bathing the town in a warm, soothing glow…

Food at Imprevist

The food of course, is some of the most colorful in the world, not to mention the most flavorsome…

church in playa del carmen

And the sky shines a brilliant, bright blue…

Imprevist al fresco

When dining al fresco, the streets are bathed in a golden glow, and the leaves of the trees are lit up in an iridescent ‘verde’.


Shopping on Fifth Avenue is a feast for the eyes with so much life and color all around, from the vibrant textiles to the ‘colorful characters’ you’ll meet!


Perhaps you’d like to take a little piece of the colorful culture home with you…

ice cream

Or simply savor all the colorful flavors while you can! Traditional Mexican ice-cream, anyone?


Murals and street art adorn the walls of the town for everyone to enjoy. I love this enormous, vibrant mural in the courtyard of the Palacio Municipal building in the town square.

tropical fruit

Tropical fruit lines the shelves of the local mercado, looking very inviting in every bright color imaginable!


And then of course, there is the Sea. The sparking blue Caribbean, which is perhaps the most beautiful color of all, enticing swimmers into its refreshing waters and rejuvenating them from the heat of the day.

If only there was a way of capturing the color of Playa del Carmen and taking it home with you! But it’s just another reason to keep coming back for your annual dose of color therapy; to be revived and rejuvenated by the uniquely vibrant beauty of this town.