Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

One of the biggest draw cards of the Riviera Maya is the opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks in the Caribbean Sea from June to September. The waters off the coast off Cancun, less than an hour's drive from Playa del Carmen, offer one of the best sites in the world for whale shark spotting. Condo Hotels can arrange a professional tour, including all equipment,

Skydiving in Playa del Carmen: The Ultimate Rush

It was something I was terrified of: falling from a perfectly good airplane at 10,000 ft, and yet, something told me I had to do it. I guess that's the beauty of adventure, it's scary, terrifying even, but the rewards of the experience outweigh the fear. The guys from Skydive Playa were cool as cucumbers and put my mind at ease with their professionalism and

A Jungle Adventure at Aktun Chen

Last week my partner and I decided to take a break from the beaches of Playa del Carmen, and have an adventure in the Mexican jungle. Aktun Chen Natural Park, otherwise known as 'Indiana Joe's', seemed the perfect place to start, located an hour south of town. Our van veered off the highway and took us 3 KM into the jungle, before depositing us at the

Pedro the dog sings at El Taj

Meet Pedro the dog! Pedro was brought to Playa del Carmen from one of our great owners; Terry and Laura Carmine. They own Playa del Carmen condos in both Porto Playa Condo Hotel and El Taj Oceanfront Condo Hotel. I immediately took Pedro down to Indigo Beach Club which is in El Taj Oceanfront and recorded this little video. Sing Along Pedro´s Christmas Song Mamacita,

Delicious food at La Sirena Mar y Barrio

Hello everyone! This time I went to La Sirena Mar y Barrio, one of the best seafood restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Delicious, believe me, absolutely DELICIOUS food.  The staff was also very welcoming and accommodating. Soon we were in a perfect and relaxed mood, because ambiance of the quiet street and relaxing restaurant, though right next to the bustling 5th Avenue. So we decided

Special Beach Club Event Every Sunday – The Video

Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen kicks off an exclusive "Manager Welcome Party" for the guests of El Taj, Maya Villa, Porto Playa and Villas Sacbe. All managers were in attendance for the inauguration of this new special event. Just another reason why to pick Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen for your next vacation destination.   Ken: Hi! I'm Ken Schmidt from Condo Hotels. we have

Hotels Playa del Carmen – Da Gigi’s Amazing Italian Food

Guests of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen can enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine of local restaurants like Da Gigi, a unique Italian restaurant that incorporates local ingredients into featured dishes, during their stay. Get a taste of Playa del Carmen and stay at any Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen locations for easy access to lively locations and wonderful food!

Get the Maya Spa Treatment at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Ken: Ken, back here again. I got to get my hair cut, and one of the places I get my hair cut is at our Maya Spa, one of our amenities at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen. I'm going to go inside and Betty is going to cut my hair. She cuts my hair every time I need it, so let's go on in. Betty is