The wonderful evening of the 2nd of March, friends, family and press gathered to be part of a life changing event for everyone at Plank. Delicious and fresh cocktails within a smooth and perfect ambiance were the perfect scenario for what was about to happen.

Situated in the heart of Playa del Carmen and nearby top luxury condo hotels Porto Playa and Magia Beachside, Plank has become everybody’s favorite from locals to travelers from all over the world because of its unique and distinctive cuisine on Himalayan salt stones and wooden planks made of cherry, alder or cedar woods.

It is this twist by Executive Chef and Partner Juan Diego Solombrino along with the thriving hard work the entire crew does day by day and ineffable support by all guests what has brought Plank to the eye of The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences to be recognized as the first stand-alone restaurant in the Riviera Maya to achieve such standard.

Conferred personally by the President of the organization, Mr. Joseph Cinque, the 5-Star Diamond Award promotes the excellent fine dining experience and high quality service characteristic of Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar within the luxury sector worldwide.

And if this wasn’t incredible enough, Engineer Dario Flota, President of Mexico’s Tourism Board was also recognized by the prestigious organization thanks to his great efforts and hard work on supporting touristic destinations such as the Riviera Maya.

We wish them nothing but the best on this great journey and keep on giving our entire support to this amazing fine dining experience!

Congratulations to Plank’s Team!

Press play below and be part of the celebration!