Cirque Du Soleil Rivera Maya – An Unforgettable Performance!Something extraordinary and exciting has arrived to the Riviera Maya. An artistry that is truly fitting for this beautiful Caribbean paradise, and a venue that is long overdue to hit the entertainment scene in the region! The Riviera Maya is now host to an intimate Cirque Du Soleil experience which is truly one of a kind! Joya is a special Cirque Du Soleil performance that showcases the roots and culture of the Yucatan and the beauty for which it beholds. Joya can only be experienced in at its home stage in the Riviera Maya and is truly a must see when traveling to the region!

Joya is set in a very intimate permanent Cirque Du Soleil venue surrounded by the beauty of the jungle! This is the first Cirque Du Soleil of its kind to offer an intimate dinner show experience! And one you will likely remember fondly for the rest of your life!

When booking your tickets you will start off by choosing your experience! This includes an option of show only, show with champagne or an entire dinner show experience with champagne and preshow! There’s even an option for a total VIP experience which includes the best seats in the house, dinner, champagne and extra VIP perks!

Cirque Du Soleil Rivera Maya – An Unforgettable Performance!

When I booked my tickets I wasn’t sure that the dinner experience would be worth it and since there was quite a price difference I proceeded to book regular show seats! To my surprise the seating was quite wonderful with a great view, comfortable chairs and the option to order drinks, champagne or wine if desired. I was absolutely happy! I should note that there are no bad seats in the house! Every seat is perfectly situated to enjoy the intimate performance with clear view! But I must say, after having seen the dinner set up and heard reviews about the food I am definitely pumped up to do the whole experience all over again and include the dinner and champagne package! I believe it is totally worth it and it also creates more depth to a special evening out!

The storyline of the show is lighthearted and funny; combining beautiful music, graceful acrobatics, dancing and amazing special effects and features – all of which are completely in tune with the vibe and harmony of the Riviera Maya environment! I won’t give too much away!

For those who decide to buy only the show tickets you will be intrigued to find a creative and artistically design restaurant and bar for you to enjoy dinner and/or drinks before or after the show!

Cirque Du Soleil Rivera Maya – An Unforgettable Performance!Photos are also taken as memorabilia! My husband and I always purchase the photos! After all, the memory is part of the experience as well!

The experience of this Cirque Du Soleil goes far beyond what one normally expects! And if you’re already expecting spectacular you will be completely blown away!