Ken: Ken, back here again. I got to get my hair cut, and one of the places I get my hair cut is at our Maya Spa, one of our amenities at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen. I’m going to go inside and Betty is going to cut my hair. She cuts my hair every time I need it, so let’s go on in.

Betty is my favorite, but there’s plenty of people here. She’s making me look pretty.

Are you videoing me getting my hair washed?

Camerawoman: Yes.

Ken: Did a fantastic job on my hair today, and of course the Maya Spa does many other things. You know, nails, and they take care of most of our wedding people who that here to get married. They get their hair done, right, am I correct? They get their hair done, they get their nails done, all that fancy stuff done for the ladies so that you look absolutely spectacular on your wedding day.

Okay, so this is the after shot. I am beautiful again, and I look great for Playa del Carmen thanks to Maya Spa.