Among the many fun and exciting things to do in the Riviera Maya is aboard the ship of Captain Hook!  Booze Cruises come in many shapes in sizes along this beautiful coast but this is one boozy dinner cruise not to be missed.  I recently attended this tour as part of a large group and we all had an amazing time eating, drinking, dancing and enjoying the entertainment.

Captain hook dinner cruise 2

Boarding the Captain Hook

The Captain Hook cruise is based out of Cancun with provided transportation from anywhere in the Riviera Maya.  This is an evening event and the boat will leave around 7:30 and lasts a few hours.  Once you arrive to the marina you will be greeted at a small beach area where you can take pictures with some of the cool pirate style sculptures. You are then led onto your ship where you will be greeted by your Captain; not the real Captain Hook, but close enough!  The crew is festively dressed in costume and playing their part of true pirates – Arrr!!  You are promptly handed a drink (for what is a boozy dinner cruise without a cocktail..or soda if you wish), then led to a stadium style deck to take your place to watch the welcome show.

All Aboard!

Captain hook dinner cruise 3

The crew welcomes you in pirate style fashion and begins the evening with a show full of music and dance.  The engage with the audience by inviting victims up to the stage to participate in games and competitions. This was a whole lot of fun – especially when you are with a larger group of friends!  While the show is still going the pirate crew slowly starts inviting the guests row by row up to the top deck where they are cooking up quite a feast.  Most of the dinner is buffet style including a delicious salad bar, rice, potatoes, chicken pasta, etc.  You may opt for the steak or lobster dinner to add to the buffet which is being grilled right then and there!  I personally had the New York steak dinner and it was fantastic. I should mention that dinner choices are indicated at the time of booking and can’t be changed on the ship.

The Pirate Battle

captain hook dinner cruise

Once dinner is over the real party begins! More drinks start to flow and the DJ gets going inviting everyone to dance under the stars.  There is still plenty of entertainment from your crew as they head up organized dance numbers – don’t worry, it’s easy peasy!  But ut oh!  Just around the corner lurks the other pirates seeking their battle.  Slowly the other ships arrive to prepare for a dual among the pirates.  Here they put on an amazing show with swords competing to be the best pirate ship of all.  I can honestly say I never imagined seeing a real live pirate battle – and a totally fun one at that! But don’t worry, your captain always survives to keep the party going!  As the ships head on their separate ways you are directed to look up at the sky for a pretty fireworks display!  The party continues on for a little while after with lots of fun before arriving back to the dock!  Your crew kindly thanks you!  Tips are appreciated but not obligatory!

I would say all and all, this was a pretty amazing evening out!  Whether you are touring as a couple or a larger group take the opportunity to make friends and enjoy a memorable night with all who surround you!