Limoneros is the coffee shop and deli next to the Hotels Playa del Carmen’s GYM at any of the four Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen properties. Here you can order a wide spread of healthy food, like salads and sandwiches, and even customize each dish to include your favorite ingredients!

Ken: Hi! This is Ken Schmidt. General manager of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen and today I’m here with the owner Juan Carlos of “Limoneros”

Juan Carlos: Hola (hello)

Ken: Limoneros is located right next to gym, one of the free amenities when staying in our properties, El Taj, Porto Playa, Maya Villa or Villas Sacbe and right in are Porto Playa location. Ok, I’m here with Amy translator for Juan Carlos, so, Amy tell me about Limoneros!

Amy: Ok, Limoneros is a coffee shop, our concept is healthy food, we have salads, we have sandwiches, we have sodas and coffee, so in here you are gonna have a great experience, because you can combine and a nice sandwich with a salad plus you you are going to get a coffee, because we also do this kind of package.

Ken: Ok Amy, can we ask Juan Carlos, What the favorite dish here that I want to have at Limoneros.

Amy: Ok, sure. Juan Carlos. Cual es tu platillo favorito?

Juan Carlos: Mi platillo favorito son los sandwiches, lo fabuloso de nosotros es que lo podemos fabricar como queramos! Ahora les voy a preparar un sandwich de pan integral con roast beef y queso americano.

Amy: The main point here and the good point here is that everybody can have their own favorite dish because you can choose all ingredients, but, he’s favorite sandwich is roast beef and american cheese.

Ken: Ok great, let’s watching make this!

Juan Carlos: Listo! (Ready!)

Ken: Here is lunch! Fantastic! Look delicious!