Hello everyone!

This time I went to La Sirena Mar y Barrio, one of the best seafood restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Delicious, believe me, absolutely DELICIOUS food. 

The staff was also very welcoming and accommodating. Soon we were in a perfect and relaxed mood, because ambiance of the quiet street and relaxing restaurant, though right next to the bustling 5th Avenue. So we decided that there could hardly be anything better for a typical Playa lunch or dinner. 

I still dream about the grilled shrimp in tangerine sauce or fresh tuna fillet on the grill with tomato, saffron, white wine and champagne. We were licking our fingers… 

Discover La Sirena with me and Max, the owner and our host. Thank you, Max!

Tip: Located at our Porto Playa property. If you are our guest at Condo Hotels, present your privilege card and receive a discount.

Hi, Ken Schmidt – Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen. I’m here today with Max from La Sirena.

Ken: Hi Max, how are you?

Max: How are you?

Ken: Great. I see you poured me a couple of tequila drinks. What exactly are these?

Max: Yes, this is a favorite drink at La Sirena. It’s our creation. It’s tequila, mango, natural mango, it comes with a little bit of grenadine, and the blue one is curaçao.

Ken: Awesome! Let’s take get a quick drink before we start to make this interesting.

Max: Make it better for today.

Ken: All right Max, now tell me a little bit about La Sirena. And why did you come to Playa del Carmen?

Max: Well, I been living here for two years. I fell in love with Playa del Carmen. I used to live in Cancun, since then I came back here. I invested and we decide to re-open La Sirena.

Ken: Wonderful! So now, what kind of food can you get at La Sirena?

Max: Well, you can find all kinds of sea food, Mediterranean cuisine or Mayan cuisine.

Ken: Perfect, can you bring me some plates and we will take some pictures and some videos.

Max: Exactly.

Ken: All right! So, what is the signature dish – if I want to tell people to come to Playa del Carmen and to go to La Sirena? What should they come to La Sirena for so that when they walk away, they go: WOW, that was fantastic!

Max: The fresh fish.

Ken: Here we go!

Max: It’s fantastic. We receive fresh fish every day. The catch of the day. We don’t have any special for today, we have a sea bass or red snapper. We buy fresh fish every day.

Ken: Oh, that’s awesome!

Max: Yes, it’s great! It’s very good! We can cook it in many ways – we can make it fried or we can cook it in the charcoal or with our recipe of cooking chicken. It’s very good!

Ken: Awesome! Sounds wonderful! and…. is food coming soon?

Ken: OK Max, I see the chef is here, bring us our food, you want to… Oh! OK, a bee! You want to go ahead and describe what he is bringing us?

Max: Yes, of course. Please. This is a sample, so you can see our best dishes.

Ken: Go ahead, Max.

Max: This one is our champion. This one is…. oops!

Ken: Go ahead! 

Max: These ones are fish tacos, pastor style. They are the champions. The tacos have  pineapple, onion and our special sauce.

Ken: Perfect.

Max: This is a fish ceviche, the best selling here – the people’s choice. It’s a fresh tuna tostada (fried tortilla), and it comes with a chipotle mayonnaise (kind of Mexican chile), caramel onion and black sesame seeds. It’s great! And these ones are from Yucatan – the special from the chef. It’s cochinita, which is a homemade (slowly roasted pork). The tortilla is open in the middle and filled up with black beans, cloves…. cooking cochinita takes like… How many hours?

Chef: 5 hours.

Ken: 5 hours, I’m ready to jump in! What’s the chef’s name?

Chef: Ruben Lopez.

Ken: How are you doing Ruben?

Max: He is from Merida.

Ken: He is from Merida. OK, awesome!

Max: From Sisal Puerto in Merida.

Chef: Sisal Puerto, beautiful beach.

Ken: Fantastic. I can’t wait to dig in.

Chef: Please, taste.

Ken: OK, let me start. You said, which one is the best? This one is the best. 

Max: This one.

Ken: OK, this is the best. Here we go! Are you ready? Nothing like me eating on camera.

Max: Please enjoy!

Ken: Mmmmm!.. That is…. FANTASTIC! All right. Now we have to shut off the camera so Claudia can come help me finish these. Thank you so much, Max.

Max: Thank you. It’s a pleasure.

Ken: See you very soon. I can’t thank you enough for this great food! 

Max: Welcome anytime!

Ken: OK, so now Max brought out another surprise, I was ready to go ….. some more delicious food so… I’m calling people everywhere. Come help, help, help. Fred, help….. So, go ahead, explain what do you brought us.

Max: OK, this is from the dinner menu. This is our favorite. It’s grilled shrimp in tangerine sauce. This is great!

Ken: Wow!

Max: This one is beautiful. It’s a fresh tuna, a fillet from the grill, the way you liked it cooked, with a sauce from tomato, saffron, white wine and champagne. This is a broccoli puree. It‘s delicious. You have to try it.

Ken: I’m going to try. No questions

Max: And this one is one of our fresh fish fillet in a barrio sauce. Barrio sauce includes capers, olives, and fresh tomato. What else, chef?

Chef: Basil.

Max: And olive oil. This is beautiful, very fresh.

Ken: This looks delicious! Oh my God! OK, one more here.

Max: This is beef.

Ken: For the beef people.

Max: Underneath is a portobello mushroom with a fried pepper sauce.

Ken: Oh! Looks incredible!

Max: This is great!

Ken: Fantastic! Thank you again. Max! Looks fantastic! 

Max: Please enjoy it.

Ken: All right.