“Did She Really Just say Ditch the Heels?” A Ladies Guide to Packing for Playa! - Condo Hotels Playa del CarmenPacking for vacation can sometimes be a stressful task! You don’t want to forget anything so you bring it all! And yet you still feel that you have forgotten something! After having traveled here so many times, and saying a little prayer every time I got my suitcase weighed in at the airport, I started to realize the things I could have actually done without.

Lose the stress of forgetting something!

First I want to point out that traveling to this heavily populated and major touristic destination, which comes complete with a centralized Walmart, means that you can stress less and even ditch packing heavier items such as full containers of sunscreen, bottles of body wash, body lotions, shampoo and conditioner! Those things are heavy!

If you have actually, in fact, done the scariest of all, and forgotten your phone charger (oh my!), you may not be in such a huge dilemma as you think; given that even the local convenience stores located on every corner will sell universal USB’s.

And with stores like Mac and Ultrafemme, even forgetting your makeup bag wouldn’t be the worst thing in the entire world!

And FYI…Advil, Claratin, Pepto, and all your favorite over the counter medications exist here! No need to bring an 80 count of Advil or a boat load of “just in case you get tummy sick” meds. Bring just a few and if you need more I promise you, there will be more!

Ok ladies, on to the closet!

I say ladies because let’s face it boys, over packing usually isn’t your dilemma! First remember where you are going! The beach should be one of the easiest vacations you’ll ever have to pack for! A few bathing suits, your favorite cover up, flip flops a couple of your favorite sun dresses, shorts, tanks, undergarment and you are done! Easy right?

If only it were that easy for us to logically keep the long jeans out of our suitcase in the hot summer months – but we can’t because we just feel better that they are there, just in case!

I’m here to tell you – unless you are traveling in December or if you love the feeling of sticking to your jeans, leave those non essentials at home, you won’t be using them! Save the space for a cute new sundress and some of the other purchases you will most likely be carting home from Playa!

Stick to the basics girls – beach, pool, causal, and a little bit of elegance for the evenings!

Cobblestone is a high heel nightmare!

The first time I traveled to Playa del Carmen I brought 3 different pairs of high heels with me, not to mention my sneaks, my wedges and everything else that fits on my foot!

After about a half a night out I realized that wearing high heels out was the worst idea I could have ever had especially since I headed out to two dance clubs located on the beach! And good luck walking the cobblestone streets from your hotel to the night clubs in HIGH HEELS! If you do choose to brave it out, make sure you have someone to hold your hand very tight or a nice companion that will offer you a piggy back ride! That is only a slight exaggeration but still you get the point!

While I can’t discourage heel wearing 100 percent – I would like to point out that perhaps limiting to one pair is sufficient! Your classic black go with everything heel will do just fine! After all – the option does make us feel better!

I do still brave the high heel every now and then but it usually just ends up in a routine walk back to the car to get my sandals!

Even though Playa hosts some of the most brilliant night life it still remains a casual beach town; and while your hot city life may call for high-end everything, a night out Playa remains cool and calm with the dress code. A good pair of flat strappy sandals to go with your hot summer dress will help you to stay comfortable while fitting in just fine!

Keep your towels and Linens at Home!

You know what else can put suitcase right over that dreaded 50 pound limit? – A big beach towel! Leave them at home! All resorts and hotels will provide towels as well as most beach clubs in the area. If you are truly without, you can purchase very well priced light and decorative beach linens all over the 5th Avenue; which also serve as nice, and I should say light for travel, souvenirs!

Think before adding on International Plans for your cell phone!

It’s not that it isn’t a smart idea to add international minutes or special plans with your cell phone carrier, it’s just that if you are traveling here it might find it simply unnecessary. While international plans are not heavy on your suitcase, it can be heavy on your wallet and skype can do the trick very nicely.

All you need is your smart phone, Wi-Fi and a skype account. Adding some minutes or paying a very cheap one month rate to skype, will allow you to make unlimited international calls over Wi-Fi, to any phone number, in any country you choose to set it up for.

There are also fantastic WI-FI text messaging options like Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook messenger to keep in close contact with family and friends.

Wi Fi is available for free in many hotels and establishments in the area, including multiple Starbucks locations. Now you can even access free Wi-Fi zones on the 5th Avenue, so you are really never as disconnected as you think! Just put your phone on airplane mode and connect to Wi-Fi wherever you are!

And finally, things you shouldn’t forget!

Your Passport, money, camera, a call to your bank to let them know you may use your card in Mexico, a good wristlet or over the shoulder purse with zipper, your beach bag, flip flops, bathing suits, sunglasses, some fitness gear (if that’s your thing), an I-pod, a great beach book, and a laid back vacation style attitude!