When it comes to traveling, we know there are things that you need on every travel. Doesn’t matter if it’s only for the weekend or a couple of weeks, these things are a MUST when getting ready for your next adventure!

We know you can’t live without your phone but water comes first!
Yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock ,a very dry rock for the past years you might know that your body needs to be always hydrated to avoid fatigue whether you are flying, hiking, etc. So, we present our first recommended product…

1. Grayl – Filtration Cup

Just Fill, Press and Drink! It’s easy and all thanks to its innovative design with blends in a very beautiful way style and functionality. This bottle is like no other, since it is capable of filtering and purifying your water, just like a rench Press would do.
The Cup comes with a Grayl G3+ Filter which eliminates 99.99% of bacteria such a E. coli and Giardia, but also removes heavy metals and chemicals like lead and chlorine.

Check the video below to learn how it works!


We know carrying with you your favorite clothing and gear during trips is not easy. But worry not, because we’ve got prepared two different styles of traveling bags that will help you enjoy your adventure. First, we present…

2. Hershel Supply Co., Novel Duffle

We know you’ve probably seen this brand since they’re pretty famous.
There’s no need to break the bank and if you’re looking for a very simple but neat style, Hershel’s got your back! These bags come in a bunch of great colors –including camouflage-, something for every style and taste.

Check out their products and choose your favorite!

3. Minaal – Backpack

Minimalistic with the right touch of design and professionalism, this backpack has become the perfect carry-on backpack for every traveler.
Limited branding and no unnecessary bells or whistles, make this backpack the perfect way to remain professional while on the road instead of looking like a backpacker.

Check out their Kickstarter video, where the raised more than what their goal was!


Don’t think we’ve forgotten that your phone is a really important travel tool too! Whether you’re using a map to figure out where to go, using an app to translate of sharing your best times on social media, we’ve got some devices that might help you while travelling around the world.

4. Catalyst – Waterproof Case

Waterproof to up to 16.4 ft and drop proof from 6.6 feet, Catalyst’s case makes the perfect accessory if you’re planning on diving, playing on a pool or going up and down on any kind of scenario. So feel free to bring your iPhone with you and have a great and exciting moment!

Check out the next link if you feel like buying it!

5. Prynt, Prynt Case

How about you stop staring at that amazing photo on your screen and hold it in your hands?
You can capture the best moments of your travel and have them printed instantly!
This photo printing smartphone case is compatible with iPhone6/s, Galaxy S5 and S4.
And the coolest thing is that you can even take a 6 second video and print the screen capture you like the most!

Check out this video and get yours!


Hope this great gear is suitable for your next vacation!

Happy travel!