Not only is the perfect place to bask in its beautiful turquoise waters and white sands or explore its lush coastline of rainforest. The Riviera Maya, is the ideal location to discover the history of past civilizations while enjoying its ever-evolving vibe.

This paradise on Earth comprises unique wonders of history and nature along with the finest luxury and top entertainment experiences. This incredible harmony between nature, adventure and excellence are what the Mayan Riviera a very special destination. Whether it is on water, land or underneath, you’ll be able to open up your senses to a peerless diversity in the southeast of Mexico.

Get ready for days and nights full of magic, culture, adrenaline and sunny skies.

Resting on the northeast corner of Yucatán, this Caribbean destination offers the best of many worlds to all travelers. Modern yet ancient, it is packed with a great amount of natural and cultural treasures that rival leisure destinations worldwide.
If you long to lie on white-sand beaches in the morning and enjoy a shopping trip in the evening, Cancun will deliver!

Isla Mujeres
This perfect slice of heaven and home of Mayan goddess Ixchel, is where one goes to break from the world-known glitz of Cancun. Crystal clear waters and incredibly abundant marine life is what once attracted Jacques Cousteau and that keeps calling all divers and leisure travelers.
Simply rent a golf cart or moped and start exploring the south of the island, where you can find stunning beaches and relaxed seaside restaurants.

Puerto Morelos
A small town with a pretty relaxed atmosphere and open skies, welcomes locals and foreigners to watch the sunrise at the beach or simply soak up the serenity that defines this Jewel of the Caribbean. Take your time to work on your tan and relax while on your way to keep exploring the Mayan Riviera.

Playa del Carmen
Once upon a time a quiet fishing village, this city has turned to be a destination full of glamour and trendy venues. Right in the heart of ‘Playa’ -also known as the Fifth Avenue- you can find the best restaurants, exclusive nightclubs and luxurious brands awaiting to pamper you as you deserve. Don’t forget to enjoy important cultural events that take place here every year, such as the Riviera Maya Film Festival or the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival.

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Once a ceremonial and commercial center, this island adjacent to Playa del Carmen is a destination that appeals to all sorts of travelers, from divers to history fanatics and people whose simply seeking for a relaxing place to spend their vacation. Whatever it is the reason why you’re visiting, you’ll surely find colorful shops, delicious restaurants and the opportunity to enjoy a seaside stroll along its charming boardwalk.

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A picturesque area in the Riviera Maya that offers spectacular views  whether you’re at the well-known hotel zone or overlooking from the cliff at the archaeological site. The clear turquoise waters of Tulum, make it a beautiful place where to enjoy the chic and natural ambiance of the area while exploring its diverse food scene.

Home to fishermen and divers, Akumal and Half Moon Bay are gorgeous places by the coast where one can snorkel or simply enjoy a day at the beach. With a good selection of cafés and restaurants, you better get ready to spend a laid-back day to relax and recharge your batteries for our next destination.

Punta Allen
You’ll find the friendliest atmosphere ever at this little fishing village located on the southern tip of  Sian Ka’an, where a wide variety of terrestrial and marine fauna are contained.
Rent a jeep or hon in a kayak to explore this quaint village and observe the diverse wildlife in its natural environment, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the ‘Blaquisal’ where you can find the finest and whitest sand which resembles to a table salt.

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