As much as you might want to save up some money while traveling, we all know that there is something really nice about the luxury and comfort of hotels. And what about those who are seeking something a little bit more private that is not part of an ‘All-Inclusive’ Plan? Well, we all know and love Condo Hotels for their great amenities, lovely scented toiletries, and ‘Home Away from Home’ vibe… but luxury comes at a bit of a price.

Hotels and Condo Hotels certainly aren’t cheap at all in Playa del Carmen, and I bet you wouldn’t like to spend lots of money for a room where you would only spend a few hours chilling, cooking and sleeping away from the crowds. This is why we recommend the full Condo Hotel experience, as there’s no such thing like an all-inclusive.

So, if you’re preparing for an upcoming work trip or just figuring out the dates of your perfect getaway, it’s time we tell you about all the do’s and don’ts when looking for the best rates and offers in the Riviera Maya.

Avoid Rush Season
The Riviera Maya is a well-known travel destination, but it is best to visit during “low season,” when the crowds aren’t as large. From August to November, you’ll find the lowest rates for the best hotels in the heart of the city.

This tip alone will save you lots of money, since you’ll be traveling during the times hotels “need” you the most.

Travel to the Caribbean during the winter
Visiting during winter can prove to be an incredible adventure too. You can get great deals on hotels and enjoy going to the trendiest restaurants, shows, shops and bars. These are all reasons why the locals love to stay in the city on weekends during this season and invite friends and family to come visit!

Book ahead, but not VERY far ahead.
When planning your stay in advance, you’ll typically get the best deals and offer when booking a condo hotel. So, it is better to book fairly close to your arrival and try to catch the hotel you like near to its full capacity and be able to obtain a great discount.

Are you a regular? Get Your VIP Reward!
If you’ve visited a condo hotel more than once, you will be able to take part in their loyalty program! At Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, a VIP can obtain great discounts and offers after their first stay — and they’re able to share these with friends and family.
A delightful way to spread the love for a place you support and a destination you love!

Avoid Third-Parties, Book Directly.
When you get in touch with the Reservation Agents of a Condo Hotel, you will surely receive personalized treatment and fully focused attention on your experience — something you won’t be able to find when booking through third-party websites. Also, you’ll be offered unique deals that a third-party won’t have access to. This way, you can successfully avoid an unpleasant experience before and after your trip!

So what are you waiting for? Reduce your traveling expenses and start planning that weekend getaway you’ve always wanted!

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We look forward to welcoming you to our unique Condo Hotels luxury collection and experience with your Friends, Family or Significant Other. Plan a getaway like no other.