Balance & Harmony!

If you want to relax during your Playa Del Carmen stay, the Maya Spa, located at our Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen facilities, is a lovely spot. When it comes to haircuts for me, there is no better place in Playa del Carmen!

Maya Spa is my number one pick! Fast, easy, close by, and they do a good job. Every time I visit Maya Spa, my stylist Betty is so friendly, and she always sends me on my way looking better than before.

Inspired by the rich wisdom and traditions of its native Mayan ancestors, Maya spa is a unique, full-service spa and beauty treatment experience where you can find balance and harmony. It would be hard to find such a relaxing spot in the other hotels.

Our Maya Spa reflects the life-enhancing experience of achieving a transformation in physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual renewal. They offer the best and relaxing treatments for your body and mind and provide personalized services in a luxurious environment.

The lovely folks at Maya Spa did a perfect job with me — as always!