Hi everyone!

When I think of my days as a Mexican street vendor, so many memories come to my mind! I’ll share my story! First though, I have two questions for you.

First: Do you know 5th Avenue? 5th Avenue is a great place to stroll, lots (I mean LOTS) of bars, restaurants, stores, the lights are beautiful, the music is glorious, there is a lot to see and enjoy…. You must not miss it! I’m  sure that will be one of your favorite stops. It’s a location that is easy to get to from the hotels Playa del Carmen visitors stay at.

Second: Have you been in a bazaar? (market). “Bazar Andale” is the name of the interesting market in the most famous street in the heart of Riviera Maya, and once every year you can find everything from clothes, toys, jewelry, hats, candies, and food. You can also find artists, mariachis and much more!

Now imagine the tantalizing combination of a cosmopolitan street, a wonderful bazaar, so many people celebrating, hot weather, the warm and gentle breeze of the Caribbean, and a “gringo” with “ojo rojo” in his hand — anything can happen! Only here do you have a great place to visit so near the hotels Playa del Carmen lovers visit!! The “ojo rojo” is a delicious beach cocktail. Its main ingredients are light beer, lemon, tomato juice, salt, hot sauce and worcestershire sauce. it’s got a real kick!

After I walked and walked along the street with my friends Carmen, Fred and Anahi, I decided try to be a vendor! I thought, why not? It looks easy, I can definately do that!

After a few minutes, I discovered that I’m a pretty good street vendor! Honey shampoo for $5? Mmm.. ok, give it to me! A strawberry soap for $3? Give me.. give me.. two? Perfect! Who else wants some? I made $35  in a short time! Maybe I should take up a new hobby…

See you next time!