Tired of a winter wonderland every Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
Well, it’s time to flee from the icy weather and head towards the warmth of the Riviera Maya!

Let’s be honest, when the holidays arrive there’s nothing better than escaping to Playa del Carmen with friends and family and leave the cold behind to celebrate a sandy Christmas or a Caribbean New Year’s Eve.

Picture this: you sunbathing at the beautiful deck of Porto Playa, drinking a delicious and refreshing cocktail in your rooftop at El Taj, lounging at the gorgeous common grounds of Magia Beachside, enjoying the top luxury amenities of Maya Villa and breathing in the lushness and relaxing vibes of Villas Sacbe.

Who can resist the opportunity to enjoy the holiday getaway you’ve always dreamed of in Playa del Carmen? It is time to convince your entire family and spend winter vacation somewhere different, somewhere warmer and stress-free where you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind celebration by being surround by a new and magical culture.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Riviera Maya are a mixture of old traditions and modern ideas, that together create wonderful festivities.

It all begins on December 16th, when holiday’s parties are inaugurated with a Posada.
On Christmas Eve, it all starts with family and friends getting together to have a scrumptious dinner with traditional Mexican dishes such as tamales, bacalao, refried beans and pozole.
And in New Year’s Eve, it continues with same feeling of community and positive to the new year that’s coming.

It is during this time of the year, that families invite others to celebrate together; this love is what distinguishes Mexicans and the Riviera Maya on this special date.

If you are planning on staying with us and looking to experience these special winter holidays in México; ask our concierges for the special events happening around. For example, you can check out the special New Year’s Eve Celebrations and Christmas Menus that will take place in a couple of restaurants that will be just steps from you, Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar and Imprevist Resto & Wine.

Trust us, you will definitely enjoy every single minute of your Winter Holidays in the Riviera Maya!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!