Many people travel here with the great anticipation of indulging in amazing Mexican food morning, noon and night for their entire stay! But if you are like most normal people, enough will be enough and you will be dreaming of cheeseburgers and pizza!

Well as Miss Liz stated in Eat, Pray Love! “I am in love. I’m having a relationship with my pizza!”

Oh But There IS Good Pizza in Playa Del Carmen! There Really Is! - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

That is probably one quote that I can most relate to in my whole life! I LOVE pizza! I was actually scared to move away from my home in the US thinking that I couldn’t possibly find great pizza here in Playa del Carmen! That and other things! But indeed I have found it all including AMAZING pizza!

I love pizza! All the different things that you can do with sauce, cheese, bread and a multitude of toppings is just amazing to me! And here I am (lucky me!) letting the world know my 2 or 3 cents about where you can find the best pizza in the town that I love the most – Playa del Carmen!

First let me start off by saying that there admittedly are some bad pizza choices in Playa. If you have tried those it may throw you to the assumption that good pizza in Playa is not likely to be found. I’m here to delightfully tell you that there IS wonderful amazing and outstanding pizza here! You just have to know where to go!

Thick Crust Chicago Style Goodness!

Oh But There IS Good Pizza in Playa Del Carmen! There Really Is! - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

I’m going to start off with my current favorite well deserving of getting my number one vote – Don Chendo! A little off the beaten path, on 30th avenue, you will find this hot little Italian American pizza joint serving up the only Chicago style deep dish pizza in the area. The owner is from NY City and learned from the very best to create amazing Sunday Style Sauces and has mastered true Italian cooking with the Bonus of the Deep Dish Pizza! Here I strongly recommend the “Meatball Pizza”! Wow! They do deliver to all residents and hotels in the area as well!

Thin and Perfectly Delicious!

When I am in the thin crust mood I always make my way over to Romeo’s! This little gem can be found not far from the 5th avenue, only two blocks away on 6th street between Avenues 10 and 15! Best classic thin crust pizza in Playa del Carmen (at least in my opinion). So good that even a classic cheese pizza is beautiful enough for me. But if you do want to add toppings I really suggest the Mexican pizza topped with all the good stuff including Jalapeños! YUM!

Culinary Creative and Heavenly!

Oh But There IS Good Pizza in Playa Del Carmen! There Really Is! - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

If you like culinary creativity, which sometimes I do, head over to Plank which is located just around the corner from El Taj on 16th street and first Avenue! There you will find heavenly flatbread selections. My most favorite is the Buffalo Chicken, while my husband is completely taken by a flatbread combination of goat cheese, figs and rocket leaves! There are about 7 different varieties and are all are completely heavenly! If you’ve never tried pulled pork on an artisan flat bread, you absolutely must!

A Playa Del Carmen Fav!

Piola is another great pick for quality pizza and the price is right too! They’ve got a ton of pizza combinations, both typical and creative, or you can create your own. They offer a thin crust style! Dip your crust in their signature spicy olive oil or kick it up a few notches and ask for the Habenera! I LOVE spicy! Piola pizza is fantastic HOT so I would recommend going there to eat it over take out!

Can I have some Guacamole on my Pizza?

Rolandi’s is another great pick as they have a fantastic pizza selection and remarkably tasty pizzas as well! I love the pizza with arugula or try a slightly modified version of the typical margarita pizza – Guacamole Margarita pizza! It’s interesting and fabulous! You can find Rolandi’s at the very end of the 10th Avenue right before the entrance of Playacar.

I Want to Wake up in a City that Doesn’t Sleep!

La Famigla also rings in on my favorite pizza list! While they do sell slices I really think the quality of the fresh whole pizzas is worth spending on! They make delicious NY style large pizzas that will make you wonder what city and it in what country you are really in! My favorite here is the classic pepperoni pizza! My theory has always been that if it’s a quality pizza with the perfect ratio of cheese vs sauce vs crust there is no need to hide it with too many toppings!

I should also note that all of the places I mentioned have wide variety menus and I also rate the rest of the food as being fantastic. So if you are in the mood for pizza and your hunny prefers pasta, salad or even steak you can’t go wrong at any of these places!

Are you hungry yet?