For the past three years I have lived and breathed almost everything that Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya have to offer. I say almost because every time I think I’ve seen it all, I find myself discovering even more beauty and magic.  Each section of beach, every jungle, every entertainment venue, excursion, and every restaurant all offer a different experience. There is no one section of the Riviera Maya that can even be compared to one another, as they all hold multiple versions of beauty in their own secret way. This is the very thing that keeps me happy and excited here all the time!Snapshot - A Brilliant Love for the Riviera Maya! - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Having been both a faithful returning tourist and eventually a full time resident of Playa del Carmen, I have experienced the region from both perspectives. Perhaps you can say I am an area expert, or you could just say that I am a person who loves the Riviera Maya so much that I feel it is my obligation to share my experiences with the world; in hopes that someone else will have the opportunity to experience the beauties and excitements I have been so lucky to get to get to know.

I have traveled to many different countries, different cities, witnessed different sites and have tasted different foods from all over; but Playa del Carmen is the one place I feel you can wrap so many different flavors of life all into one place! Playa del Carmen is the Caribbean meets the Jungle meets New York City meets the charm of Europe. It is truly a place where there is something for everyone, every age, every taste and lifestyle.

In the coming weeks and months I will share more detailed experiences of my travels and adventures throughout the entire Riviera Maya, but today I would like to share just a short snapshot of every reason why you will fall absolutely in love with this, ever so exciting and artistic, region of the world – that is called the Riviera Maya!

Having the moments to lay your feet in the sand is what I believe is one of life’s simplest pleasures; and one that many long for, and look forward to, when planning their vacation! Follow that up with the heavenly view of sparkling turquoise Caribbean Sea and you feel like you have arrived to paradise – really!

Here you get chance to taste extraordinary international flavors (all wonderful), become involved with nature, drink from a coconut, swim in a natural fresh water cenote, zip line over the exotic jungle, get wet and wild in a water park, snorkel, dive into the deep sea, swim with the sea turtles, play with dolphins, encounter whale sharks up close and personal, get a lavishly spoiling massage on the beach, explore underground caves and the most amazing coral reefs in the world, climb historical Pyramids, shop till you drop, dive off of cliffs, skydive, parasail, get splashed riding a jet ski, visit a crocodile farm, go horseback riding while overlooking the amazement of the turquoise Caribbean sea, dance the night away, marry your sweetheart, have a smashing bachelorette bash, drink fresh juice, learn salsa dancing or even perhaps a new language, take a catamaran tour while sipping your open bar margaritas, watch the sunrise over the ocean while striking a yoga pose or during a serious jog session, and absolutely soak up the amazing sunshine which brings brilliant glow to your skin (with SPF of course) and naturally puts you in a happy state of mind.

The Riviera Maya is a consistently evolving adventure, full of charm and absolute beauty! When traveling on an average one week vacation I recommend creating an agenda which will combine adventure, exploration and relaxation; and please do try as much of the food as you possibly can! Once you experience this beautiful place you will find there are so many reasons to return back time and time again.