Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen kicks off an exclusive “Manager Welcome Party” for the guests of El Taj, Maya Villa, Porto Playa and Villas Sacbe. All managers were in attendance for the inauguration of this new special event. Just another reason why to pick Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen for your next vacation destination.


Ken: Hi! I’m Ken Schmidt from Condo Hotels. we have a special treat for our guests tonight, we are doing a free buffet at Indigo beach club and I’m here with our freshly appointed general manager of operations Frederic Bouchard, say hi Fred.

Fred: Hi!

Ken: So later you are going to see some pictures and video of our special event tonight. I’ll be glad to have pictures with Jack and Mark our partners at Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Ok, so it started to kick off here at Indigo and the buffet is going and allot of guests eating outside already I’m here with the visionary Jack Perlman and the money man Mark Pompei.

Mark: Hola!

Ken: I’m sitting here with Brenda, she is our guest in Maya Villa. she said that is absolutely wonderful here

Brenda: It’s fantastic

Ken: and she wants to come back for the BPM festival and we are going to invite her back because we had such a great time together and she sitting here eating our free buffet tonight and taking advantage and our manager special.

Brenda: Yes I am, and I took advantage of the breakfast every morning with my girl friends.

Ken: Fantastic

Brenda: It’s fabulous.

Girl camera: From where, from where, from where?

Ken: From Maya Villa, she said Maya Villa.

Girl camera: What city?

Brenda: Santa Monica, California

Girl camera: Thank you

Jack: All right, here we are

Ken: All right end of the night it was a great event and a lot of people coming to eat, everybody has full bellies plenty of drinking going on

And we look forward for the next event and so make sure to come stay

Jack: Every sunday night

Ken: Every Sunday night

Mark: 6:30

Ken: 6:30 perfect

Jack: Bye

Mark: at Indigo