Managers Welcome Party: Special Every Sunday

Have you heard of our exclusive Bali-inspired Beach Club? Located at El Taj Oceanfront, and decorated with beach beds and umbrellas imported from Bali, Indigo Beach Club welcomes for an unforgetable day on the beach, surrounded by lounge music and Medirannean fusion cuisine with Asian influences. Click here to check our official  Playa del Carmen live web cam.

Beach Clubs are one of the most popular ways to spend your day in the sun in Playa del Carmen, and Indigo has become one of the most sought-after by the vacationers.

So I am not much different from the smart crowd in this sense. I love spending some of my Sundays at Indigo Beach Club, and the good thing is, I live just one block away from the beach. Don’t be jealous! Do you remember my entry “Superbowl at the Indigo Beach Club”? Other lovely day in Playa del Carmen!

Well, last Sunday was special – on March 25th, Condo Hotels kicked off the “Managers Welcome Party.” This special event is meant to give the guests the opportunity to enjoy a dinner buffet from Indigo Beach Club and to meet the managers of Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen.

All managers were in attendance for the inauguration of the new special event.  With a range of assorted appetizers, sushi rolls, vegetable dishes, pasta and pizza just to mention a few, there was something for everyone. I need to say that sushi rolls are totally delicious! My favorite one: Lorena: Ken don’t eat more sushi, you will not leave anything for the other guests! Me: Just one more!  It was a beautiful night to be out with the temperature just right and a great ocean breeze.

And I have great news for you! This special event is EVERY SUNDAY! Yes, every week you can come to Indigo, feel the Caribbean breeze on your skin, walk on the soft white sand and taste a delicious buffet dinner for a very special price, just 80 pesos per person with a one free drink. We are waiting for you next Sunday!

I along with Jack, Mark and Frederic spoke with many guests and  condo owners to discuss this special event.  Everyone was in great spirits.  Please click here to see a short video of the event.