A Day in Puerto Morelos

Welcome to Puerto Morelos, a laid-back fishing village north of Playa del Carmen! Come spend a day with me in this little town and discover what it has to offer.

Puerto Morelos - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Let’s begin the day at one of the cenotes along the ‘Ruta de Cenotes’ just south of town.

Ruta de Cenotes - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Siete Bocas, or ‘Seven Mouths,’ sounds like an interesting one.

Siete Bocas - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

As the name suggests, there are seven openings to this ancient underground river system, filled with cool, clear water.

Siete Bocas - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Jump in or take a ladder down into the cool, dark cave, and discover ancient stalactites through the crystal clear water.

Siete Bocas - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Now that we’ve built up an appetite, let’s head into town for lunch. ‘La Pepita’ is a great spot for whole fried fish served with all the trimmings.

La Pepita - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Pick out your fish from today’s catch and have it weighed to determine the price.

La Pepita - Condo Hotels Playa del CarmenLa Pepita - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

After lunch, wander around the main square and pop into ‘Alma Libre,’ the Riviera Maya’s only English language bookstore. Pickup a paperback to read on the beach or one of the many coffee-table books on Mexican food and culture.

Alma Libre - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Head next door to the ice creamery for a well-deserved sweet treat (you’re on vacation, remember!).

Next, we’ll head to one of the near-deserted beaches to soak up some sun. Take one of the many snorkeling trips to the outer reef, or snorkel right off the beach in front of the ‘Ojo de Agua’ hotel.

Beach - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Spot hundreds of fish, large coral and even an under-water cenote which feeds fresh water into the ocean, creating an icy-cold current.

After relaxing on the beach, wander through the backstreets of this quaint town to discover some of the local sights. Like this extra-ordinary house which looks like something designed by Gaudi! It is an art gallery and studio, and is free to walk through. The building itself is the greatest piece of art you’ll see.

Art gallery - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Then head down to the pier and watch local families fish, or settle in at one of the water-front restaurants for a cold margarita while watching the sunset over the Caribbean. You’ve earned it after such an adventure-filled day!

Puerto Morelos - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

I hope you enjoyed your day at Puerto Morelos, and discovered a taste of sleepy, local Mexican life.

Stay tuned for more information on many more activities and adventures around Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, Mexico!

Secret Spots in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is the name given to the pristine stretch of Caribbean coastline between Cancun and Tulum. Playa del Carmen lies at the center of this amazing part of the world which is home to pristine beaches, crystal clear cenotes, ancient ruins and dense tropical jungle.

The Riviera Maya is a special part of the world. Just ask anyone who comes here and they will tell you that there is a unique energy in this natural, cultural and historic paradise that is unrivaled by any other destination.

We want to take it a step further and introduce you to some secret spots in the area, places only discovered by the intrepid and the adventurous.

1. Secret Snorkeling Spot in Puerto Morelos

About 30 minutes north of Playa del Carmen is the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Morelos. Not many people know it, but just off the shore in front of the Ojo del Agua restaurant, is a secret snorkeling spot which includes a reef and an underwater cenote.

Pueto Morelos snorkeling photo - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Swim right off the beach toward the white market buoys and discover a magical underwater world. It’s one of the area’s best kept secrets!

2. The Secret Cenote of Xcacel Beach

Forty minutes south of Playa del Carmen is Xcacel Beach, the most underdeveloped and ruggedly beautiful beach in all the Riviera Maya. It is also home to a turtle sanctuary which protects this precious species.

The beach itself is delightful. Iguanas roam the shore and there are no resorts or beach clubs in sight. Just miles of white sand flanked by verdant jungle, which makes you feel as though you have stepped back in time.

A well kept secret of this natural paradise is the cenote which is located in a mangrove forest. Follow the small sign which leads you down a sandy path, emerging at a fresh water sinkhole surrounded by jungle.

Xcacel Beach cenote photo - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Birds flit from branch to branch and fish dart between rocks in the crystal clear water. Don your snorkel to discover another well kept secret of the Riviera Maya!

 3. The Secret Ruins of Muyil

While most of the tourists flock to the well known Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Coba, why not explore the lesser known ancient city of Muyil, just south of Tulum.

Forget the tour groups and large crowds, this gem of an ancient site is set in a dense jungle and opens out onto a lagoon and canal system which was used as a trade route for the Maya.

You can also access the ruins on a boat tour in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a protected nature reserve containing exceptional biodiversity and historic significance just one hour south of Playa del Carmen.

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve photo - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

4. The Secret Tacos of Playa del Carmen

Ssh! Don’t tell anyone about this local gem, located on the corner of 30th Avenue and 20th street. This small stand has been serving up delicious cochinita (marinated pork) tacos to hungry locals for many years, with no signs of stopping. You only need see the crowds of happy customers who line up every day from 7am till 12pm for this delicacy unique to the Yucatan.

We hope you enjoy these secret spots of the Riviera Maya and discover many more of your own!