Sweet November in Playa del Carmen – Feeling Thanksgivingy and All that Jazz!


Sweet November in Playa del Carmen - Feeling Thanksgivingy and All that Jazz! - Condo Hotels Playa del CarmenAs I walked to work this morning I felt so compelled to share the fact that this time of year is simply an amazing time to be in this lovely town. For me, it truly is “Sweet November”!

Whether you live in Playa del Carmen or are vacationing here, the fall season brings upon us many reasons to be extra in love and fascinated! Not only is this the time of year to experience jackpot weather but it also brings much excitement with upcoming events and the introduction of the holiday season.

If you are traveling to Playa del Carmen this coming Thanksgiving you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Thanksgiving is a tradition that is a highly celebrated, and by no means ignored. All of us have plenty to be thankful for no matter where we come from. And with the strong American influence in Playa del Carmen, Thanksgiving has become a warmly embraced holiday tradition in the region.

Going on vacation or living abroad does not have to mean giving up your holiday traditions. It’s simply an opportunity to create new and different ones! This I have learned with certainty!

Talking Turkey!Sweet November in Playa del Carmen - Feeling Thanksgivingy and All that Jazz! - Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

Most restaurants in Playa del Carmen will be offering traditional Thanksgiving dinner celebrations, each with their own twist and style! Make it a Caribbean affair on the beach, complete with a day time buffet full of Thanksgiving Favorites at your local beach clubs, or join hands around the table for a traditional American style thanksgiving at a classic upscale restaurant! There are plenty of options to choose from that will suit your style!

If you are like me, some of you won’t shake the desire to smell the turkey cooking on Thanksgiving Day! If you are among the many travelers who forgo the condo, or otherwise Condo Hotel, option in Playa del Carmen, why not cook your own bird in paradise? Stores like Sams Club, Walmart and Mega are easily accessible and stocked with all the ingredients you need to make your own “at home” feast a reality!

Sweet November in Playa del Carmen - Feeling Thanksgivingy and All that Jazz! - Condo Hotels Playa del CarmenNo Parade but we’ve got Music and Beach!

And while there’s no Macy’s Day Parade or Turkey Trots happening in Playa del Carmen you may be sweetly intrigued by our own yearly tradition in Playa del Carmen, which always coincides perfectly with the Thanksgiving Holiday–The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. It’s cool, it’s smooth, it’s beachy and it’s super FREE!!! From November 27 thru November 29 grab that blanket and perhaps a picnic basket with some snacks and refreshers, and enjoy wonderful musical acts under the Caribbean stars.

Excited for way more to come!

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is just the start of the buy holiday season! There is no doubt that as Christmas and New Year’s approach there will be plenty of more holiday love and fun to embrace in the beautiful town of Playa del Carmen!

Stay tuned for my holiday edition blogs to make the most out of your holiday here in Playa del Carmen!

Jazz under the stars in Playa del Carmen

Since 2004, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival has become somewhat of an institution for jazz and live music lovers. Set on the shores of Playa del Carmen at Mamitas Beach, this festival provides a unique evening of world-class international musical acts under the stars.

Now in it’s ninth year, the festival attracted a stellar line up this year, and took place over three days. Some highlights of the 2013 festival included the following stand-out local and international performers:

Aguamala | Riviera Maya Jazz Festival


Mexican band Auguamala are committed Riviera Maya Jazz festival performers, having played at every festival since its inception. A blend of Jazz, Rock, Funk and regional Mexican music, they are a long-time favorite among local festivalgoers and are even becoming popular with international audiences.

Their music embodies the colorful, frenetic and often chaotic lifestyle of modern Mexico, and is an excellent local addition to the cultural cross section of the festival.

Brent Fischer | Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Brent Fischer

Heralded by jazz critics and fans alike, The Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Group (the band’s original name) has appeared on dozens of CDs over the decades, known for their Afro-Cuban and Brazillian rhythms and Brent Fischer’s unique writing.

Adding a distinctly Latino flavour to the lineup, they are well loved by fans all over the world for their spicy sound and hip-swinging beats. You will be hard pressed not to get up and dance to these guys.

Celso Pina | Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Celso Pina

Celso Pina, ‘The Accordion Rebel’ hails from Monterrey in northern Mexico and has a distinct sound which spans across genres such as hip-hop, reggae, rock, pop, danzon and bolero. Opening the festivities on the final night, Celso created an electric atmosphere with his unique signature sound and it’s no wonder that he’s collaborated with many successful musical acts such as Lila Downs, Cafe Tacuba and Control Machete in countries such as France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Colombia and Argentina.

Earth, Wind and Fire | Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Earth, Wind and Fire

Headlining the festival this year and proving to be a draw card which attracted a large international crowd were iconic musical sensation, Earth, Wind and Fire. Closing the festival with a bang, this internationally acclaimed act didn’t disappoint, leaving a lasting impression with their signature sound.

Crowds flocked to the sand at Mamitas Beach like seagulls, hungry for the eclectic pop sounds of this iconic group, well known for bridging gap between black and white musical sound in the 70’s.

The last evening of festival was proof that their message of racial harmony and heightened cosmic consciousness is still extremely relevant, and their music has certainly stood the test of time.

We’ll have to wait until next year to see what the festival has in store for 2014, but whatever the lineup, we can be sure it will be another night of unifying, eclectic sounds in a magnificent setting on the shores of the Caribbean.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival | Mamitas Beach

Tip: The Riviera Maya Jazz festival takes place on the last weekend in November, from Thursday to Saturday. Entry is free, just bring something to sit on and your dancing feet…