You guys, we have some international superstars in our midst! These Playa del Carmen locals are more famous than One Direction, more photographed than Miley Cyrus, and have less personal privacy than all the Kardashian sisters combined.

They are – drumroll please – the world-renowned frogs of Señor Frogs!

Señor Frogs

These guys might look innocuous enough, but they are fast becoming the most famous residents of Playa del Carmen, with their images spreading far and wide across the globe.

People cannot get enough of these frogs! Everybody wants to be seen with them and is unable to resist their charms.

From tiny babies to mature ladies, these guys have the tourists and visitors of Playa del Carmen in the palms of their froggy feet.

Señor Frogs

Perhaps it’s their friendly demeanor, jovial nature, or larger than life personas that attract people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to them, but whatever the reason, these guys are destined for international super-stardom whether they like it or not.

I can only imagine the number of Facebook profile pictures and family mantlepieces around the globe featuring these guys! From France to China; Australia and the Netherlands, there has never been a group of Playa del Carmen residents to reach such international acclaim!

Señor Frogs

Except perhaps this guy, the Mayan warrior who I suspect is actually the frog’s bodyguard, ensuring no harm comes to his amphibious friends. I certainly wouldn’t want to get on his bad side!

Mayan Warrior

If you don’t believe me, all you need to do is wander down 5th Avenue to 20th street and experience the hype for yourselves. That is, if you can fight your way through the melee of onlookers and paparazzi to catch a glimpse of these guys.

Señor Frogs

We did, and found them friendly enough. I don’t know where they find the patience to keep smiling in the midst of screaming kids and fussy posers who simply must get the perfect shot, but perhaps it has something to do with what one of them is drinking.

Señor Frogs

Either way, it was great to get up close and personal with these international superstars. They were fairly tight-lipped and didn’t say too much, although considering the level of international stardom they have reached, I suppose that is understandable.

As the most famous residents of Playa del Carmen, I suppose from here on out they will only communicate through ‘their people.’

I’m just happy that for the rest of my days, my claim to fame will be that I met the world-famous frogs of Señor Frogs in Playa del Carmen.