I’m underwater!

A highly recommended experience if you’ve not done it yet! We had a great snorkeling trip, and it was easy to get to from hotels Playa del Carmen. We went to Puerto Morelos — a magic place, close to my house, full of sealife that you have to see with your own eyes!

Our snorkeling day starts at 8 am. I arrived with my beautiful girlfriend Lorena and my friend Lourdes at that charming town on Saturday morning. It was a really good choice! We expected to spend all day enjoying the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea.

I had heard many comments about many places to snorkel, but a few days before our trip I had not chosen yet. I was talking with friends, and my friend Fred recommended that I visit Puerto Morelos, which he says is the last authentic Mexican fishing town on the Caribbean coast, and also very near our Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen! Now, we had a destination … where is my camera?

Puerto Morelos is only 25 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, between Playa and Cancun, framed by turquoise waters, tropical breezes, warm white sand, jungle and Mayan culture. It offers unique snorkeling opportunities in the second biggest reef system in the world. The colours of the reef and fish were so vivid! Every few minutes, Lorena would say, “Ken, did you see that beautiful fish? Did you see that turtle?” Then I decided to use my underwater camera to capture those amazing sights. Hey little fish, say hello to my camera!

Barracudas, sharks, eels, turtles, rays, and many types of colorful fish live in that place! Puerto Morelos travel is simple, you can take a taxi or rent a car and drive twenty minutes from Playa del Carmen. For even cheaper transportation, hop on a bus!

We loved our visit to the reef! Thanks to Lorena and Lourdes we had another perfect day in paradise. Trust me, you must have a chance to enjoy this experience! Take a short trip from your hotel. Playa del Carmen is close to authentic places like this and many more.

Have you been in Puerto Morelos? Did you do snorkeling? Share your experiences with us!