Hello everyone!

My brother is visiting from the U.S. today, and we are about to choose a place for breakfast in Playa del Carmen. The choice is tough, because there are so many great places – all these restaurants along 5th Avenue, our own Indigo Beach Club…

– What would you like for breakfast? – I ask.

– Mmm… I don’t know! Give me some suggestions…  It’s your town…

That was the start of conversation this morning. If you are wondering about where you can find a delicious breakfast, you need take a look at the suggestions of my favorite places in Playa for breakfast.

          La cueva del chango                   (The monkey’s cave)

This is an institution in Playa and a real insider’s tip! The culinary delights include authentic Mexican flavors and natural juices. The restaurant was built over 20 years ago, when Playa was no more than a jungle, and the setting within the space remained the same ever since. Today, locals love to enjoy their breakfast surrounded by exotic jungle plants, savoring traditional Mexican dishes. The restaurant is located on 5th Avenue is 38th street.

100% natural

Fruit and oatmeal breakfasts are a popular hit at this 5th Avenue restaurant set in a garden – and eggs are some of the best in Playa, too. The smoothies are very good also and affordable – and, as the name says, 100% organic. Juices are great. This natural place is located on 5th Avenue between 10 and 12 street.

Indigo beach club

Our exclusive Bali-inspired Beach Club offers a sophisticated and upscale environment to all our guests. You’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast with a gourmet restaurant that combines exquisite cuisine in a unique setting with spectacular view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea. In fact, if you are in one of our properties you can enjoy our complimentary buffet breakfast (during promotion periods).

Ah Cacao

 If you want a quick breakfast, this is your best option – just go and try some homemade tasty cookies and brownies, accompanied by some hot/ cold chocolate or coffee, which is arguably the best coffee in Playa. Latte mediano is the drink I’ve been addicted to every morning! You can find two different locations, first on 5th Ave & Constituyentes, second on 5th Ave and 30 Ave. 

El nativo (The native)

If you are looking for inexpensive, delicious, big portions in Playa del Carmen, this would be it. The restaurant is worth the 15 minute walk from the touristy area of 5th Avenue. This is a typical local restaurant with good quality food and excellent prices. I love the fresh fruit smoothies, and friendly service. The restaurant is located on 30 Avenue and Constituyentes Av.

The Gym Cafe

Do you want a quick and delicious salad or fresh sandwich? They offer a healthy variety of bread choices, diverse selection of meats and a great assortment of cheese for you sandwich. This place is perfect to drop by after a work out, or to grab a quick breakfast. This cafe is located next to the gym and a few steps away from PORTO PLAYA and VILLAS SACBE.

What’s your favorite place for breakfast in Playa? Have you been at some of these restaurants? What did you think?