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  1. Las enchiladas con mole poblano oaxaqueño aritos cebolla que doble crema y una micheladas ok

    Gabriel O. L. Manrique

    1. Hola Gabriel! Esas enchiladas suenan deliciosas! Todo esto acompañado con la vista espectacular del mar Caribe, sintiendo la suave brisa en tu piel y la cálida arena blanca en tus pies, no hay nada mejor! Te esperamos pronto en Playa del Carmen!

      Claudia Vilchis

  2. we love Playa come down every year

    geri glacicki

    1. We look forward to you coming back!!

      Ken Schmidt

  3. We had dinner at a restaurant called Yaxche and one of the best meals ever. It was Eggplant stuffed with edam cheese, pumpkin an dcarrots and red spanish onions. It was soooo flavourful, and we topped that off with a chocolate cheese cake over cappuccino sauce and ice cream… Good thing we had to walk far to get back to the bus stop.
    Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, eat inside or just outside the front doors.
    Highly recommend.


    1. Yes Nancy, Yaxche is a great stop when you come to Playa del Carmen. It is one of the hand picked restaurants we have on privilege cards for the guests to get a discount when staying at a Condo Hotels property. Hope to see you again.

      Ken Schmidt

  4. the best chiles rellenos south of the border!

  5. the best chiles rellenos this side of the border!

  6. by the way, initial post of this contest was published on our wedding anniversary March 26th!! hint hint, LOL

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